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Hallie & Jane is proud to be a supporting business of the Stillbirth Foundation.

Stillbirth is the loss of a baby after 20 weeks' gestation. Approximately 20% of stillbirths are deemed as "unexplainable" and unfortunately there is a huge lack of research and investigation into stillbirth. Six babies are stillborn in Australia every single day, that's one every four hours. On 16 September 2019, I was one of those 6 mothers to give birth to my stillborn daughter Hallie. I was 33 weeks pregnant with her. I was also one of those 20% of mothers who's baby's death was deemed unexplainable. My daughter and I were both healthy and I did all the right things during my pregnancy, but it wasn't enough to save her. I was considered a very low risk pregnancy and when I lost Hallie, I was in shock for a long time and just wanted and answer as to why my baby died, but there wasn't one. I invested time into becoming more educated on the topic to spread awareness and help other mothers understand that anything bad can happen at any point. A healthy pregnancy doesn't mean you are invincible and doesn't mean your baby is guaranteed to live. 

Hallie & Jane is inspired by my daughter. Whilst creating beautiful products is my passion, it is also my passion to spread awareness about miscarriage, baby loss and stillbirth because not all stillbirths are preventable, but some are. Which is why we have become a supporting business of the Stillbirth Foundation. 

5% of all orders placed will be donated directly to the Stillbirth Foundation to fund research into stillbirth, miscarriage and baby loss. 

To find out more information about stillbirth please visit

or visit our Instagram page where it is a safe space for parents who have suffered baby loss

- Love from Tahlia and my baby Hallie x